Custom Rom Xtended v4.0 Android 11 (R) | Redmi note 5/5pro- Whyred Android 11

Description Notes Xtended v4.0 

  1. Without Magisk hide. CTS pass and device certified
  2. Stop Bluetooth to get turn on on first boot 
  3. Face unlock is available 
  4. XiaomiParts: Fix FastCharge Toggle Always On 
  5. XiaomiParts: Add bass booster preset for MiSound
  6. XiaomiParts: Add SELinux Switch (Root Needed)
  7. XiaomiParts: Add LogTile
  8. XiaomiParts: Rearrange categories alphabetically
  9. XiaomiParts: Implement Clear Speaker
  10. XiaomiParts: Add Touchboost toggle
  11. Updated vendor patch
  12. Updated fp to Redfin Jan
  13. Kernel Rad~EAS

Please don't pause while downloading else zip corrupts